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Sol Gutierrez

Sol Gutierrez

The visionary behind the well established SIAL brand and a host of other successful Real Estate fairs and exhibitions throughout Spain. A Native of Almeria, Sol has lived in France for many years where he held the title of director within a finance company, and is a fluent France speaker. Establishing the brand A2ZSpain is a logical extension to the national marketing structure of the Salon Inmobiliario. Through the distribution of a lifestyle magazine Sol believes he can give Spanish companies the opportunity to access directly, the UK market.

Carolyn Wright

Carolyn was born in Worthing Surrey before moving to Croydon where she became a student of the Grandison College studying classical dance. She continued with a career in performing arts before moving on to teach classical ballet and the Royal Academy. Carolyn has however spent the last 30 years living in Spain in cities as diverse as Madrid and Segovia and has an intimate local knowledge of the culture, language and history.

When not researching for A2Z Spain Magazine, Carolyn has a successful Real Estate business in Garrucha where she specialises in the location of properties to suit clients specific needs. You can now read features articles on her clients property hunting trips in the regular monthly slot 'House Hunters' in A2Z Spain Magazine. All helped of course by the benefit that Carolyn speaks Spanish like a native.

Carolyn Wright

Andy Stevenson

Hails from the same London borough as Mick Jones (The Clash) and where John Major (former Conservative MP) was educated. Attending the London Nautical School in Waterloo, Andy has been living in Almeria Spain for the past 4 years. From a background of sales and marketing in the logistics sector he then went on to work within the property industry in Spain.  He has created successful online portals and sites, such as www.almeria-granada.com which has had over 1 million views in the past 12 months.

Web optimization being one of his fortes, he joined the A2Z Spain team at the end of 2006 with a brief to develop advertising and in particular, the online elements of the groups' ventures.


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